Ashmolean Visit

On Friday 30th November, Year 5 enjoyed a great trip to the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford to conclude our topic on the Ancient Greeks.


WW1 Activities continued 

We have continued our activities in relation to WW1 this week. We created sunset landscapes of the battlefields, commemorative poppies for our window display and have written letters in the voice of a soldier in the trenches, focusing on the 1914 Christmas Day truce. We acted out the truce on the playground to help us to imagine it taking place.blob:file:///ecacb84b-55c8-4bb3-9d9d-72473ca388d9

Year 5 WW1 Week

To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War One, Year 5 will be taking part in a range of related activities this week. 

Today we read a beautiful story called ‘The Best Christmas Present in the World’ by Michael Morpurgo, which tells the story of the 1914 Christmas Day truce. We reflected on the story and how it made us feel.

We then learnt about life in trenches for a soldier and went on to create mini models of trenches from soil, lollipop sticks and other bits and bobs. Everybody enjoyed this task and talked about the features such as periscopes, barbed wire defences and sandbags. 

These tasks are preparing us to write letters in the role of a soldier in the trenches, explaining his experience to his family. We will write these later on in the week.

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